Reiki Services

Reiki Relaxation: 30 Minutes ($40)

Busy lifestyle, hectic work schedule or preparing for a much-needed vacation. Reiki for relaxation will help you wind down from the stress of everyday life and the fast-paced world in which we live. By releasing the stress that has accumulated, Reiki will help calm the mind, relax the body and soothe the soul. The perfect blend of essential oils will be diffused into the space to maximise relaxation.

Add On: Indian Head Massage - $25

Pain Reduction: 30 Minutes ($40)

Chronic pain, Injury, Pain from illness. Reiki for pain will complement any medical treatment you are undergoing. During a Reiki session, the body and muscles become relaxed which increases the flow of energy throughout the body - decreasing tension, stress and pain. Anxiety and stress are an added result from trying to manage pain and will also be reduced by removing that associated emotional strain. While a reduction in pain can be expected, the pain may not be completely eliminated. You will feel more relaxed and more capable of coping with your condition while also increasing your quality of life. Number of weekly or biweekly sessions to be determined after consultation and then recommended for maintenance as needed.

Add On: Indian Head Massage - $25

Distance Healing: 45 Minutes ($55)

What is Distance Reiki and why or when would I need it? Connecting over distance means that the practitioner makes a spiritual connection to your higher being or spirit self rather than connecting to the physical body. - If you're nervous about trying an in-person Reiki treatment, this may be an option for you to try as a first step. - You don't have time to visit a practitioner but, still wish to experience the benefits of Reiki. - Physical distance may be too great to make an in-person appointment feasible. - There are conflicting schedules between yourself and the practitioner. While it's not necessary, if time allows, you should try to find a comfortable space for 20-30 minutes to deepen the experience. After the session is complete, the practitioner will provide you with the details of the session, recommend some complimentary tools to continue to open your energy centres (chakras) such as essential oils, meditations and/or yoga poses to get the full benefit of your healing session.

Mini Distance Healing: 10-15 Minutes ($20)

Have an interview, starting a new job, going for surgery? If you have the nervous jitters over a specific event, your Reiki Practitioner can connect and send the appropriate energy to the day and time that you need it to ease those jitters.

Reiki Recharge: 30 Minutes ($40)

When would you need a Reiki Recharge? You have completed your recommended Reiki sessions to heal and overcome your emotional blocks and just need a maintenance session. You need a boost of energy or require your spirits to be uplifted, headache relief or you need a restful sleep after a hectic day. Whatever your needs are for a recharge, a custom essential oil blend will be used to maximise your experience.

Add On: Indian Head Massage - $25

Unresolved Past Trauma Healing: 90 Minutes ($99 - first session)

Reiki can be used to help heal a traumatic experience from your past. What kinds of trauma can we help with? Accidents, loss of a parent, sibling or child, assault or abuse, abandonment, bullying and more. If you have buried or carried the weight of the past with you and you are ready to release the heaviness of those emotions, we can formulate a series of sessions to help you on a fresh path - free from cumulative weight of that trauma. Follow up sessions as needed and will be discussed at the time of the first session.

Reiki for Youth & Teens: 45 Minutes ($45)

Todays generation of youth and teens are experiencing more stress and anxiety and aren't knowing how to work through these pressures or express these emotions. What situations may be causing extra stress or anxiety for your child? New school & new friends, bullying, peer pressure, parent separation, studying/homework/exams, presentations, group work, body changes/image/puberty, accident or injury, surgery or other important appointments. Stress and anxiety can lead to restless sleep which can then compound the stress and anxiety.

Reiki Is Here to Help! Reiki is a gentle, positive healing energy that works for the highest good of the client - in this case, your child. It works on relaxing the mind, body and soul creating space for healing any issues that your child may be struggling and/or trying to cope with. Our goal is to create a safe, comfortable space for you and your child where we can ease the strain of these emotions.

How You Can Prepare Your Child For Reiki. First and foremost, reassure your child that you will be present for the entire session. Our Reiki Practitioners will create a safe and comfortable space with calming essential oils diffused into the room complimented with some relaxing, meditative music. Our practitioners will guide your child into a relaxing state with some breathwork to help calm and clear their mind. Reiki is often described as transferring energy by "laying of hands" or "light touch". A hands-off technique can also be used if you and your child prefers.

Post Reiki Expectations. When stress and anxiety are alleviated and balance restored, you may notice the following improvements within your child. Improved sleep, increased self confidence approaching new or difficult situations, better focus and clarity for studying, less anxiety, increased self-esteem and acceptance of self. Our Reiki practitioners will also recommend some complimentary aids that can be practiced at home. Follow up sessions as needed.

Add On: Indian Head Massage - $25

Chakra Balancing: 75 Minutes ($90)

Restoring Balance From Within. Are your Chakras out of balance? Are friends and colleagues asking you if you're ok? Do you feel like you have had a string of bad luck? Do you feel clumsy, forgetful, foggy or are having a difficult time making decisions? Any or all of these are signs that your chakras are out of balance and preventing positive energy to flow through your energy centres. Over time, these blocked energy centres can create larger problems resulting in physical symptoms. A number of tools will be used to assess and help heal your energy blocks. All of our Chakra Balancing Sessions include a 30 minute Indian Head Massage that promises to further balance your upper body energy centres and deepen the healing session.
Upon requesting an appointment, you will be provided a link to an online questionnaire which will be used to determine the best tools to use during your balancing session. Additional aids that we may use during a session are essential oils, crystals or gemstones, meditations and/or balancing sound frequencies. Home care regimes will be recommended to optimize the balancing between treatments. 2 to 3 sessions spaced 7-14 days are recommended and then as needed.

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